After 130 years as a strong player in racket sports, Dunlop’s brand presence had diminished over the years and it was time to revive this iconic heritage brand.

Studio Tangerine came on board as a strategic and creative partner with a brief to help reconnect Dunlop with its consumers through a meaningful and relevant brand message and a visual identity to sum up who Dunlop had become.

We started by doing a brand audit to review the current brand by conducting interviews with Dunlop’s global marketing and sales teams. This enabled us to create a road map for the brand going forward – a brand strategy and a positioning that communicates the essence of the Dunlop experience: A love of the game that unites all players. This is what drives Dunlop to empower players with beautifully designed, technically sophisticated sports products. Improving the game with every product.

With the brand positioning in mind, Studio Tangerine has created a flexible identity system that allows each individual racket sports to have their own tempo, whilst still being part of the overall Dunlop look and feel. This visual identity was translated into substantial Brand Guidelines that, as well as visual guidelines, also included strategic guidelines and tone of voice.

We create a global website roll-out, global business system and refreshed the packaging – in short, the visual identity and new brand has been implemented to ensure all touchpoint are consistent. In summary, it has been an A-Z in a brand revival resulting in an exciting journey creating a future-proof brand that boldly says Dunlop is back enhancing every player’s game.

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